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Hey course creator!

Ready to activate your most prepared + profitable launch yet?
Learn a rinse and repeat launch strategy that has your superfans buying your digital course like never before!

Hey course creator!

Ready to activate your most prepared + profitable launch yet?

Learn a rinse and repeat launch strategy that has your superfans buying your digital course like never before!

It’s time to take control of your sales results and have your most profitable launch ever!

If your current launches look a lot like throwing spaghetti at the wall..., it’s time to throw this strategy out the window because winging it and living on a prayer won’t get you the results you want!

I value your time and money so if you’re a busy business owner who wants to learn my rinse and repeat launch process on how to attract new clients and have your best launch ever, this was made for you.

No fluff or extra stuff. Just a clear detailed path to launch intentionally.

This program is designed for digital course creators from ALL industries like yoga/fitness instructors, designers, coaches, photographers, wedding professionals, accountants, languages and SO MANY MORE.

Does this sound familiar?

You have launched your course before and some people have bought it.

Which is AMAZING! This marketing thing is hard. While you’ve seen some sales, you’re full of anxiety when you plan your next launch, not feeling confident in your ability to do better next time.

You’ve tried different launch strategies but haven’t found THE ONE that you can use again and again.

Everyone is telling you different strategies and you’ve taken pieces from each of them trying to create your own puzzle but the behind-the-scenes are a total mess.

You want your biggest launch yet – one that makes you more money with less effort and minimal stress!

You dream about having a linear direction in order to get off this marketing race track and actually get to enjoy the process of launching without the endless hustle and overwhelm.

Your biggest launch yet could be $5,000, $10,000, $50,0000 or even 6-figures! The beauty of gaining clarity and having a rinse and repeat launch strategy is that with each launch you’re improving and growing every single time.

You’ve been lying to yourself about what you’re implementing in your launch.

You always promise yourself to do it all but things fall to the side, don’t get done, and you are left feeling like this is the reason you’re not reaching your sales goals.

Are you ready for the next level?

  • You know launching is something you should be focusing on and you’re looking for a clearly defined path.
  • You want to actually see results without guessing what to do and want a launch strategy that prioritizes profitability, ease, and joy.
  • You’re ready to do business intentionally by having an organized, strategic launch planned and ready on time.
  • You want to learn the foundations of a 6-figure launch strategy.

“I had my first USD $60K in sales thanks to Together We Launch. I doubled my results from the last launch, but that was not all. Using the same strategies, the same methods, 4 months later, I had my first six-figure launch which made me feel so blessed and amazing. Together We Launch is not just an organized Rinse and Repeat system to launch. Together We Launch is a community of people with six and seven figure energy and mindset.”

Sonia Rodriguez – Network Marketing Mentor

Results can vary. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.

How would “selling out” your launch change your business?

Imagine that feeling when…
Your launch is planned months ahead of time, so you’re fully prepared when you’re ready to go live.
You build a launch strategy that boosts your authority, visibility, and a community of superfans.
You open the doors to your course and you get a flood of new sales from people without hesitation.
Everything you build for your launch can be used in the future so the work gets easier as you continue to launch allowing you to bring more fun to making money.
You’re feeling like, “I could get used to this”!

“I had zero following and launched for the first time reaching €35k in sales. For my second launch, I hit €80K in the Pre Sale alone and ended up selling out by the end of the launch! My sales totaled over €100k! With every launch, you keep adding layers to it and do something new and see how it goes. This program changed my business, money mindset, the way I look at things, and how I feel worthy of money.”

Claimy Anthonissen – Destination Wedding Planning and Retreat Agency

Results can vary. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.


A 12 month program that teaches you a rinse-and-repeat launch strategy for your digital course that builds a community of superfans ready to buy, doubles your launch results, and focuses on your well being every step of the way.

Where you are now…

Stuck feeling overwhelmed by all the launch advice out there
Relying on pieced together marketing plans instead of using a proven strategy to generate sales
Following launch strategies you found online that aren’t designed for your unique type of business.

“I knew if I wanted to fast track my launch results, it would take me three years to figure this out by trial and error by myself. Why try to reinvent the wheel? Instead, Together We Launch is packaged up perfectly, where it literally is a rinse and repeat method that has tremendously changed the way that my business runs. I had a $75k USD goal and what I ended up with was a $112K USD in our launch. THANK YOU for putting this repeatable process in place.”

Alyssa Lang – Systems for Bookkeepers

Results can vary. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.

After this program…

You’re completely confident in what steps you need to take to start launching ASAP
You have a plan in place that takes your existing marketing strategies to the next level and doesn’t waste your time
You create a community of superfans who can’t wait to buy your course
You can finally focus on building a bigger business with more team members because you’ll have more money and time with a rinse and repeat launch strategy
You start launch stacking so every piece of the launch can be added to and expanded in the next launch to get even bigger results

“I didn’t feel lost or struggling to figure out what types of strategies to use because it was all laid out for us in Together We Launch. I was hoping to get a clear path on how to organize my launch and it absolutely delivered. It’s not cookie cutter what you’re doing. You’re giving us the tools to kind of mold into our business and our launch. Now we have the tools to follow for our next launches going forward!”

Rori Alter – Physical Therapist and Rehab & Barbell Educator

You’ll never have to wonder “what do I do next?” ever again…

I’ll help you do it right the first time with more organization and less effort so every time after is bigger, and more profitable.

Together We Launch is the ultimate experience to help you feel the maximum level of guidance in your goal to double or triple your last launch results!

Imagine going through your launch feeling fully prepared knowing exactly what you need to work on each step of the launch process to create your desired results.

Imagine having a step-by-step 6 figure launch strategy handed to you and being able to get answers to your most burning launch questions.

Imagine feeling guided as you move into your next launch while being in a group of five and six-figure entrepreneurs who are also going through the same process as you so you’ll never feel like you’re doing this alone!

Imagine if all the planning was done months in advance, dates were in your calendar, and your entire launch to-do list was finished ahead of time… how good it would feel? It’d be a total gift to your future self + amazing self care!

Are you wondering how a rinse and
repeat launch strategy works?


Launch stacking is Together We Launch’s strategy of adding layers to every launch.
You build the foundations of your first launch to hit your sales goals.
Then you build onto that strategy through the lessons and knowledge you get through the first launch to see even better results.
Three launches later, you’re now launch stacking and seeing bigger results.

The amazing part of launch stacking is you can make your money back from TWL AND MORE in your first launch!

Imagine having a launch strategy that you can use over and over AND that brings a way of launching holistically?

THAT is what the Together We Launch strategy is built around!

What you get when you join Together We Launch

12 in-depth modules with step-by-step videos & assets

Module 01

Launch Commitment

  • Find out how to launch holistically so you can prioritize a balance of profitability with wellness and ease
  • Assess your ‘readiness’ for launching based on time, resources, team and systems
  • Set expectations with your team and evaluate where you need support the most

Module 02

Reliable Offer

  • Learn if your offer can stand the test of time and is scalable based on your business goals
  • Clarify and validate your offer so it’s priced perfectly and ready to sell before you launch
  • Clearly communicate the value of your offer in a way that your audience will respond to and actually buy into

Module 03

Magnetic Influence

  • Strategically create your know, like, and trust before you launch
  • Identify your magnetic influence through your content plan and strategy
  • Understand how to build and nurture your warm audience

Module 04

Strategic Planning

  • Steal my rinse & repeat 6 figure launch strategy that will double your launch results
  • Create your launch timeline and map out your launch assets so you know what you need to do by when to stay on track
  • Design realistic but exciting launch goals so you know what you’re aiming for

Module 05

Prepare Your Lead Magnet Experience

  • Develop the strategy to take your audience from a lead to a sale by showing them this is the next best step for them
  • Craft a lead magnet that builds a community of superfans that are primed to buy when you open the cart for your launch
  • Learn the psychology behind the strategy that uses mental triggers to prime your audience to buy when the cart opens

Module 06

Pre-Sale Phase

  • Leverage your waitlist by hosting an exclusive Pre-Sale
  • Boost your income from a Pre-Sale and start celebrating new students by converting your existing leads

Module 07

Launch Assets

  • Create all your launch assets so they’re done ahead of time before you launch
  • Set-up your backend automations so you can focus on being as present as possible
  • Understand the importance of hiring and outsourcing to make your life easier heading into a launch

Module 08

The Launch!

  • Now it’s time to officially launch!
  • Understand the tactics and tips to get you through the live launch
  • Release Money Mindset setbacks and show up confidently when selling 

Module 09

Rinse and Repeat

  • Gather and assess your analytics to understand how it went and where things can be improved for the next launch
  • Collect testimonials to help you create social proof on your sales pages, social media channels, and more
  • Learn how to rinse and repeat your launches so you start launch stacking and double or triple your results next launch

Module 10

Wrap Up

  • NOW it’s time to celebrate!
  • Once you’ve celebrated all your amazing success, now what? We will show you!

Module 11

Bonus: Launch Boosters

  • Learn how to offer a down-sell or up-sell strategically so you get those leads who didn’t convert to finally buy from you
  • Understand how to leverage affiliate marketing to help your next launch results and have others do the selling for you
  • Host a real time version of testimonials by hosting an alumni panel and allow your leads to visually see themselves in that person who bought your offer and got the results they desire

Module 12

Bonus: Other

  • Understand how you must believe in the offer and strategy if you are going to successfully sell it
  • Learn how to make launching a holistic and enjoyable experience
  • Find out what to do when a launch goes sideways

Remember your last launch?

  • Full of stress
  • Flying by the seat of your pants
  • Pulling all-nighters
  • Feeling alone the entire time
  • Pivoting in the middle of your launch
  • Creating a new offer because your current one wasn’t selling

News flash - you shouldn’t be pivoting or creating a new offer and expecting a six figure launch!

Launching doesn’t have to be so hard! It can look differently…

Launch with a plug-and-play strategy that works – get an organized and structured format that will make your next launch predictable, and extremely profitable.
Ultimately, you want a launch strategy that allows you to play to your unique strengths and hit your launch goals without sacrificing your lifestyle, so let’s make that your new reality. If you’re committed to creating a strategy that can double your results multiple times a year, Together We Launch is where you belong.

“This is the second time I have participated in TWL. Last time, I had a $65k USD launch and this time it was over $100k USD. So this is a proof that you can replicate the same strategy again and continue to add in more layers. This launch turned out better than I expected and it was my best launch I’ve ever had.” 

Jennifer Warnes – Online Reseller

“Learning how to launch from Alex changed my entire business and life. I tried launching the Alex way, I had my biggest launch ever and continue to do it again and again. My launch goal was a $100K USD. Thanks to you, Together We Launch, I doubled the results from my last launch and I hit $120k USD. I am now equipped with the right strategies and mindset to have a 6 figure launch again and again.” 

Louise Henry – An online Entrepreneur and Tech Educator

“It is literally like a formula and Alex and her team have nailed it. And now that I know it, all of my launches are so seamless. They’re less stressful and they’re so much more profitable. Thanks to Together We Launch, I had my first six-figure launch and I made $124K USD.” 

Chantel McAlister – Photography Coach and Digital Nomad

Results can vary. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.

Launching made simple, finally!

Inside Together We Launch, we’ve given you everything…
12 month access to our tried-and-tested “rinse and repeat” launch method curriculum
12 month access to self-paced video trainings on what to do for each launch phase
12 month access to a private Circle community to help you stay accountable and feel supported
12 moth access to Weekly Q&A’s with Team Beadon where you can ask questions as you plan and implement
12 month access to to private podcast pep talks
We give you worksheets, video scripts, templates, and swipe copy so you’re not starting from scratch.
Launch content blueprint and 90 day Instagram story prompts
Launch email swipe copy and re-engagement email copy
Sales page template, opt-in page template, and launch project planner
Lead magnet and masterclass outlines
Launch analytics template, launch reflection worksheet, and video testimonial guidelines
Add a valued team member to go through the program with you
Disclaimer: We are here to teach you the strategies and help you organize and implement the strategies inside your business but we are not here to personally coach each one of you.
We want to give you the big vision and have you and your team run with it!

So... are you ready?!

Ready to create your rinse-and-repeat launch strategy for this year and beyond?

Save over $6,500 USD with this exclusive alumni offer!

Payment Plan - $1,416 USD/Month

Payment Plan - $686 USD/Month

  • 12 Month Access to:
    • Self-paced course
    • Circle Community
    • Weekly Q&A calls
    • Private Podcast Pep Talks
  • 12 monthly payments of $686 USD

Pay In Full - $15,000 USD

Pay In Full - $8,232 USD

  • 12 Month Access to:
    • Self-paced course
    • Circle Community
    • Weekly Q&A calls
    • Private Podcast Pep Talks
  • One easy payment of $8,232 USD

The checkout page will load as a popup. Please make sure to disable any popup blockers.

Even if you’re on the fence about joining, apply anyway!*

*This is a ‘no obligation’ application so that means you’re not locked in until we approve your application and you’ve accepted the offer to join!

Hey, I’m Alex Beadon!

I’ve been launching online courses and digital products since 2011.

Back then, I knew nothing about launching. And my sole launch tactic was email marketing mixed with some kind of special, limited-time-only promotion.

I absolutely loved knowing that I could send out an email to my list at any given time, and boost my income by tens of thousands of dollars.

Today, my launches have evolved into so much more.

I create epic, branded, online experiences that are unforgettable for my community. Not only do my launches result in revenue generation, they also result in superfans – even from the people who don’t buy.

This is what I will be teaching you in Together We Launch: my six-figure launch strategy.

You don’t have to do this alone

There’s a lot to juggle when it comes to a successful launch

  • Content creation
  • Lead generation
  • Lead magnet creation
  • Masterclasses
  • Email marketing
  • Your sales page

But to be honest – launching doesn’t have to be so complicated. In fact you can have a successful launch, while prioritizing ease, and you don’t have to figure it all out yourself.

We created an entire step-by-step system that guides you through how to take our proven launch strategy and make it work for you and your digital course!

You’ve listened to the podcasts, taken the courses, read the books and blog posts, you have a million ideas of how you could take your launch to the next level, but you don’t want to be experimenting for years before you “finally figure it out”.

You want a tried-and-proven way to launch and hit your sales goals whether that’s $5,000, $15,000,  $50,000, $100,000 and beyond!

And we have that all laid out for you inside Together We Launch!!

Hear from our TWL Alumni:

“I’ve had a $15k USD launch, which is 5X my last launch number. I also feel incredibly empowered on what to do next, how to repeat the process, and how the process could be repeated with other products in the future. These things have allowed me to quit my full time job and make a move at running my own business full time.”

Lennon Bone – Art Business Strategiest

“My goal was really simple with Together We Launch, I wanted to have a six-figure launch. And since Together We Launch, I not only had a six-figure launch, but I have a six-figure launch every single time now. One of the things I really appreciated about Together We Launch is that I was able to bring on my VAs. It was also incredible to be able to be in a group with other business owners that were making 6 figures.” 

– Marina Simone – Network Marketing & Branding Coach

Results can vary. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.

Together We Launch is for serious entrepreneurs who are 100% fully committed to their launch success

Time commitment

You can go as fast or as slow as you need to learn, implement, and prep for your launch!

  • Go through the self paced course as fast or slow as you need
  • Complete the asset and prep required for the modules and your launch
  • Attend the weekly 60 minute Team Beadon Q&A’s

And when it comes to the amount of time you put into your launch, the more time you put in, the more results you’ll see.

Are you someone who thinks you need to have a massive audience built or a huge email list in order to hit big launch goals?

The point of the Together We Launch strategy is to teach you a process you can refine and reinvent as you grow your follower list and email list over time! So as your audience grows full of superfans, so do your launch results!

Sure large audiences seem dreamy and the ticket to a huge launch, but I’m here to tell you numbers don’t mean anything if they’re not the right people.

We make sure you’re talking to the right people, creating superfans, and nurturing your superfans, so that even if you have 100 followers, they are more likely to convert!

So you don’t need a large audience to start!

“My business goal for joining was to have a successful first launch, and I wanted to reach $25k USD revenue and I exceeded that! Due to the guidance and information I got, I was able to exceed my launch goal with more than $10k USD AND I had zero following!

Claimy Anthonissen – Destination Wedding Planning and Retreat Agency

Results can vary. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.

Meet the TWL team!

Alex – Team Beadon’s CEO

Alex has been launching since 2011 and knows the layers that go into every step of a launch and what works best for course creators. She is here to give you all her knowledge and her strategies to guide you to have your best launch ever.

Laura – Team Beadon’s Chief Operating Officer

The brains behind the system and processes that go into launching. She’s been launching with Alex since 2014 and she’s the one who focuses behind-the-scenes on keeping projects on track and making sure the customer experience is seamless and automated. And… She speaks Spanish too!

Avery – Team Beadon’s Marketing and Sales Manager

Avery is the master behind the sales side of a launch. Sales pages, emails, marketing strategy, and everything in-between. Avery is a TWL Alumni [a 2020 Launcher] and has been launching for more than 3 years so she’s here to help you step up your marketing and sales strategies for your launches.

Commitment to Diversity

International Community

Together We Launch has a history of launching with bad-ass business owners from around the world. Since 2016 when we had our first official cohort of Together We Launch, I knew I wanted to have a community of international business owners who are leaders in their field.

Since TWL’s inception, we have had people join us from all over the world: USA, UK, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Panama, Mexico, Australia, Germany and more!

If you’re an international online business owner, feel comfort in knowing that the Together We Launch strategy has worked and helped people have their first six figure launch, even for businesses who operate in other languages!

I love serving my clients and I get even more excited when I get to meet people from across the world and we get to launch together. The best thing is that other Together We Launch members get to be in an international community by YOU joining us.


We acknowledge that there is systemic racism that still exists and we at Team Beadon are doing our best to ensure we create a safe space for people in the BIPOC community through continuing to invest in educating ourselves and by being fully transparent with you along the way about our representation. Our business has and will continue to be very vocal and show our support of the BIPOC community and BIPOC business owners.

Even though our testimonials are not a representation of it, our Together We Launch alumni is 17% BIPOC and we consider a diverse group an absolute asset.

We will continue to prioritize building relationships with BIPOC and creating a safe community for them to have their most profitable launch yet.


Team Beadon believes in creating a community that is safe for everyone and that includes the LGBTQ+ community. When you join our TWL community, know that it is a priority of ours to always hold a safe and inclusive environment for all Together We Launch members that is free from any discrimination, hate or prejudice. We welcome you regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation.

“I launched my opt-in yesterday, I’ve had another 70 people signed up! I felt different with this launch because I actually had a plan and a strategy to follow. If I hadn’t joined Together We Launch, there is no way that I would have hit that £50K month in May. It was just amazing to have that support not just from Alex but, from Team Beadon and the other women in the program.

Amy Crumpton – Mindset and Business Coach

“So far in the first 2.5 hours, I’ve sold 15 waitlist tickets at $697 USD. I’m really enjoying the content planner. It’s so different when you can sit down and look, it just takes all that mental clutter. I wanted to triple my last launch but, I did it! I tripled my launch and ended with $48k USD in sales.”

Panquetzani Ticitl – Wellness Practices inspired by Mesoamerican medicine, Mexican folk healing, bodywork, foods, and herbalism

“I’ve had the most successful launch I’ve ever had through this program. I’ve launched so many times and failed. And finally, through this program, I actually had a win. I’ve had the most successful launch I’ve ever had so that is also a big takeaway. I just feel like I have a healthier, more sustainable way of looking at launching that is more about people.

Kristen Estes

Results can vary. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.


If you have a course that you have launched in the past (once or multiple times), and want to double or triple your launch results with a strategy that you can repeat over and over, then this is for you. We require you to have launched your course in the past and have the data from that launch to make decisions for your future launches based on that.

If you sell a membership site, digital product (planner, templates, etc), or a course, this is for you!

Past TWL alumni include: Service providers, business and marketing coaches, photographers, fitness/health coaches, yoga instructor coaches and so much more.

This is NOT for you if you are launching a coaching offer or a physical service.

We will review your application and let you know if we think you are a good fit. If you are a good fit, we will send you next steps.

No, that’s why we give you 12 months access. This is designed with the busy entrepreneur in mind so each lesson is broken down for you so you can take all the time you need.

No, we would like you to have a completed course that you have launched prior to joining so we can look at the data before moving forward with your next launch. So if you don’t have any data from a launch yet, come back once you do!

I want you to have your best launch ever inside this program. While I use this same strategy to have 6 figure launches and some past alumni have as well, this doesn’t happen to everyone who goes through this program.

And when it comes to the amount of time you put into your launch, the more time you put in, the more results you’ll see.

We do not offer refunds. If you’re asking this question, you probably aren’t a good fit for this course. This course is for action takers and people who want to scale their course. So make sure to read through this page to learn exactly what this is all about before you sign up.

This program is ideally for those who have a small team and who have launched before. While we’ve had successful solopreneurs go through TWL we believe that having a small team means you’re ready to take on the tasks with more ease and less stress. 

Yes that is totally fine! We don’t require you to run ads in order to launch. Ads have helped me in my launches to reach the 6 figure (and multi 6 figure launch) goals but that doesn’t mean you need to use them for yours!

We would love to coach each launcher individually but unfortunately we don’t have unlimited time to do that. We have Q&A calls where you can ask your questions and get support and a wonderful community to get support from but there is no individualized coaching.

Are you ready to get the rinse and repeat launch strategy and bring the fun and flow back into launching?

Are you ready for your best launch yet?