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Together We Launch Includes:

✅ 26 Live Training Sessions with Alex and her Operations Manager

✅ Personalized Feedback on Individual Sales Page

✅ Our tried-and-tested “Rinse + Repeat” Method

✅ 6 Month Strategic Curriculum (2 launches: one big, one small)

✅ Worksheets to give you clarity on Facebook Ads, Launch Planning, Launch Goals, Ideal Client, Sales Language, and more!

✅ Templates for: Sales Page, Webinar Presentation, Email Marketing, and more!

✅ “The Expansion Formula” Calculator

✅ Airtable Launch Project Management Template

✅ Backend Automation Cheat Sheet

✅ Copy-Paste Launch Calendar

✅ 90-Day Instagram Launch Story Strategy

✅ Notion Launch Knowledge Base Template

✅ Launch Mindset Checklist

✅ An incredible community to help you stay accountable and feel supported

✅ And So. Much. More! 


🌟 Add 1-2 Team Members to go through the program with you!

🌟 3 Mastermind Sessions with the Community

🌟 A Monthly Operations Chat with Laura (My Operations Manager)

🌟 A Behind The Scenes Video of Laura and I discussing the backend of my Business

🌟 Unlimited Replay Access to my Bootcamp: Ultimate Launch Bootcamp

🌟 Google Drive Organization Template

🌟 A Sales Call Script

Hey, I’m Alex Beadon!

I’ve been launching online courses and digital products since 2011.

Back then, I knew nothing about launching. And my sole launch tactic was email marketing mixed with some kind of special, limited time only promotion.

I absolutely loved knowing that I could send out an email to my list at any given time, and boost my income by tens of thousands of dollars.

Today, my launches have evolved into so much more.

I create epic, branded, online experiences that are unforgettable for my community. Not only do my launches result in revenue generation, they also result in superfans –
even from the people who don’t buy.

This is what I will be teaching you in Together We Launch: my six-figure launch strategy.

Featured In

Meet my Operations Manager Laura

You'll have access to her brilliant mind too

Meet Laura. Team Beadon’s Operations Manager. When you join TWL, not only do you get access to the brilliance of Alex’s marketing and sales mind, you get access to Laura’s operations & processes mind.

She’s been launching with Alex since 2013, she’s the one on the team who focuses behind-the-scenes on keeping projects on track, and making sure the customer experience is seamless and automatic. Organizational efficiency? It’s her jam.

During Together We Launch, having both Laura and Alex available as your Launch Coaches adds another dimension of learning for you.

Hear from our amazing TWL Alumni

We hosted a Together We Launch Alumni Panel where past TWL members shared how their businesses and lives changed for the better after going through the program – and why they’re all signing up again!

You'll learn my $100K Launch Strategy

Use our launch calendar

This outlines exactly what you need to focus on in the different stages of your launch so that you can prepare as much as possible for a launch of ease.

Full access to the launch expansion formula

Learn the Launch Expansion Formula, which will teach you exactly how to plan and budget your launch to ensure you reach your launch goals.

Full Access to our Facebook Ads Calculator

Know exactly how much to spend on your Facebook Ads, without feeling like you’re gambling your money away.

Full Access to my $100K Launch Strategy

I have fine-tuned this strategy over the last 10 years and I’m so excited to share it with you!

Full Access to Team Beadon’s Organizational System

Not sure what kind of documents and sheets you should have behind-the-scenes to make sure that you’re documenting your launch, monitoring your results, and tracking your sales? We’ll show you our entire organizational system that keeps us on track and focused throughout our launch.

Full List of Recommended Tools

We’ll be sharing every tool we love using during our launch, although you can definitely use alternatives, it’s still good to have an idea of exactly which tools are used for a successful launch.

Full List of Recommended Resources

Because we want you to feel as supported as possible, we are going to be equipping you with all of our most recommended resources!

Full access to our exclusive Slack Community

Get connected with your fellow Launchers in this online community! We’re hosting it outside of Facebook to help keep you focused while engaging with the community.

Results can vary. These results were based on a previous version of the TWL program. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.

Together We Launch Is for serious entrepreneurs who are 100% fully committed to their success

Time Commitment

You’ll spend at least 3 hours a week on the course materials

  • 1 hour for the call
  • 1 hour to go through the module
  • 1 hour for homework and prep

And when it comes to the amount of time you put into your launch, the more time you put in, the more results you’ll see.

Financial Commitment

Once you commit to joining Together We Launch, there are NO REFUNDS.

Together We Launch is for serious, high-level entrepreneurs who are willing and able to commit to this program financially.

Results can vary. These results were based on a previous version of the TWL program. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.

Our commitment to diversity

International Community

Together We Launch has a history of launching with bad-ass business owners from around the world. Since 2019 when we had our first official cohort of Together We Launch, I knew I wanted to have a community of international business owners who are leaders in their field.

Since TWL’s inception, we have had people join us from all over the world: U.S.A, UK, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Panama, Mexico, Australia, Germany and more!

If you’re an international online business owner, feel comfort in knowing that the Together We Launch strategy has worked and helped people have their first six figure launch, even for businesses who operate in other languages!

I love serving my clients and I get even more excited when I get to meet people from across the world and we get to launch together. The best thing is that other Together We Launch members get to be in an international community by YOU joining us.


BIPOC We acknowledge that there is systemic racism that still exists and we at Team Beadon are doing our best to ensure we create a safe space for people in the BIPOC community through continuing to invest in educating ourselves and by being fully transparent with you along the way about our representation. Our business has and will continue to be very vocal and show our support of the BIPOC community and BIPOC business owners.

Even though our testimonials are not a representation of it, our Together We Launch alumni is 17% BIPOC and we consider a diverse group an absolute asset.

We will continue to prioritize building relationships with BIPOC and creating a safe community for them to have their most profitable launch yet.


Team Beadon believes in creating a community that is safe for everyone and that includes the LGBTQ+ community. When you join our TWL community, know that it is a priority of ours to always hold a safe and inclusive environment for all Together We Launch members that is free from any discrimination, hate or prejudice. We welcome you regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation.

Results can vary. These results were based on a previous version of the TWL program. Due to the fact that we all have different businesses, audiences, situations, and work ethics, we cannot promise you these exact results.

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