The one area that you need to focus on before you launch is...

unwavering mindset

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Turn your weakness into a 


Throughout your launch journey, you can almost certainly expect a rollercoaster of emotions, and rest assured: launching will always surface underlying mindset blocks.

What is an unwavering mindset?

An unwavering mindset refers to having a steadfast and robust baseline when it comes to your set of beliefs on your capability and your attitude towards your launch. Having an unwavering mindset is about how you are able to nurture yourself throughout the launch process and how you are able to reframe mental blocks and work through them. It is one of the core components of strengthening your resilience when things inevitably get tough.

Areas where you might encounter mindset blocks:

  1. Money mindset
  2. Visibility mindset
  3. Success mindset
  4. Surrender mindset
  5. Confidence mindset
  6. Sales mindset
  7. Productivity mindset
  8. Self-care mindset

Inevitably throughout the launch process, you will have a rollercoaster of emotions but you can rest assured that you’ll be able to handle them by strengthening your unwavering mindset pre-launch. This is one of the key things we work on in Together We Launch. Being committed to recognizing and confronting mindset blocks early on will help you pivot quickly when triggers inevitably arise and get yourself back on track before spiraling.