The one area that you need to focus on before you launch is...

rinse & repeat strategy

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Turn your weakness into a 


Often times business owners have poured countless hours into perfecting their offer, but when it comes to the actual launch, they haphazardly string together tips from podcasts they’ve listened to and articles they’ve read. Let me tell you something… Whilst I respect the hustle, this approach will most likely leave you burnt out and aimless. There’s an easier way.

What is a rinse-and-repeat strategy?

A rinse-and-repeat strategy is a tried and tested blueprint that you can depend on and build upon with each launch. It takes the guesswork out of your next steps and allows you the freedom to tap into your creative zone of genius – because all you have to do is execute. It is one of the KEY support beams in my signature program Together We Launch and it ensures that you’re able to prioritize your well-being throughout the launch.

The good news is that you can still have a highly profitable launch without having to implement ALL of the systems and processes into your next launch. Let me introduce you to the concept of Launch Stacking. 

Launch stacking is the notion that with each launch you can add another layer of assets, strategy, systems, and processes based on newly available resources (data, time, money, team, energy, etc).

Success comes from knowing that launching your offer is an ongoing process of growth and consistently building upon the foundation you’ve laid. No matter where you are in your launch journey, there are always layers to be added, uprooted, and refined.

As you progress, you will realize that this process is cyclical: you will often need to circle back and fortify aspects of your strategy as you grow.