The one area that you need to focus on before you launch is: Magnetic Influence

You’re extremely passionate about your vision and have poured hours of love into your offer. It’s reliable, and it works. The problem? You struggle with showing up online confidently, consistently, or vulnerably making it harder to get others to believe in YOU and your vision.

What is magnetic influence?

Having magnetic influence, something that we focus on a lot in Together We Launch, is the ability to get people to believe in your vision and to see the value in working with you, specifically. It’s what makes people want to follow you, stick around to get to know you, and ultimately beg to buy from you by the time that you launch.

Key factors that affect magnetic influence:

  1. Authority
  2. Visibility
  3. Audience quality
  4. Position in the marketplace

Magnetic influence is the factor that makes all the difference between people begging for your reliable, tried, and tested offer – versus it gathering dust on the proverbial shelf. It’s the thing that makes people invest in YOU, over another mentor.

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